Project Management

Project Management is a key service offering of 3o and commences when, following an initial discussion, there is a shared recognition that 3o and the customer can work together and there is an opportunity to create benefit.

Typically there follows a Due Diligence process whereby 3o Project Management seek to understand the customer's current supply strategies and tactics used to deliver the current steady state supply chain performance.  We will also conduct detailed analysis of the existing cost base and the value that is delivered to the business using current methods.  This enables 3o to present a clear supply strategy tailored to your needs, detailing how value can be delivered in the following areas:

  • Purchase price
  • Total acquisition cost
  • Service levels
  • Logistics and supply chain management performance
  • New product development
  • Quality performance
  • KPI’s

The Project Management team is responsible for managing all aspects of the due diligence process and subsequent implementation and ongoing management of the agreed supply chain strategy. The team manages interfaces between the customer and supplier(s) including:

  • Engineering specification
  • Translations and communication
  • Supplier visits
  • Sample manufacture
  • Quality management processes
  • Progress and KPI reporting
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • 6 Sigma and continuous improvement
  • Supplier management