Procurement Services

In today’s competitive global market place, organisations are increasingly under pressure to control operating costs, against a backdrop of rising costs and constant pressure from customers to reduce prices.

Asia offers vast opportunities to source or manufacture virtually any product a customer may require with significant cost differentials.  However, the legal, political and economic environment, along with communication barriers, cultural differences and sheer distance from Western Europe all combine to make sourcing a significant challenge.

With offices in the UK, Australia and China and associates in Malaysia, 3o has experience of helping organisations overcome these challenges and risks.  3o provide an end to end procurement service with a sourcing capability that extends right across Asia.  Our service focused team comprises procurement, engineering, quality, scheduling and logistics professionals.

Our sourcing capability:

  • China
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia

In Guangzhou, China our team has the local knowledge, language capability (multi-lingual including local dialects) and cultural awareness to ensure we create, implement and manage effective customer supply chains.  We hold relationships with numerous suppliers and manage the information flow, whilst ensuring appropriate quality standards at a fraction of the cost of having to support such a team from the buyer’s own resources.

Our relationships with local government, access to sponsored directories and networks enables 3o customers to tap into a supply market not generally available to the export market. 3o has empathy with local suppliers and can ensure there are no misunderstandings due to language and cultural differences. We manage, on behalf of customers, all regulations and ‘red tape’, therefore mitigating the risk to our customers.

Our UK and Australian end of the supply chain is managed by 3o’s procurement and engineering specialists, who understand the needs of UK, European and Australian organisations and provide interfaces between customers and Asian suppliers.  3o operate as an extension of customer procurement teams, enabling customers to enjoy the substantial lower cost base of Asian suppliers, without having to make the significant investment of setting up and establishing a local team.

3o deploy a consistent procurement approach to the products and services we source for our customers.  Our procurement team have undertaken extensive training in Category and Supplier Management to ensure a consistent approach to sourcing and relationship management.