About Us

3o is an international procurement services company working with customers to create, implement and manage opportunities to deliver sustainable competitive advantage through achieving the lowest total acquisition cost.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage:

  • Understanding and responding to supply markets
  • Profit upside from reduced total acquisition cost
  • Best fit suppliers
  • Strong relationships at all levels
  • Increased focus on product quality and development
  • Access to expertise with proven delivery capability

We specialize in sourcing direct categories of expenditure and help customers manage the risks associated with sourcing from Asia.

Challenges and Risks:

  • Accessing the supply market
  • Benchmarking regional and global
  • Managing an off-shore supplier base
  • Managing risk price erosion and cost escalation
  • Communicating specifications
  • Managing and maintaining quality standards
  • Identifying and removing inefficiencies
  • Ensuring shipments are scheduled and arrive on time

Our team of procurement, engineering, quality, scheduling and logistics professionals provides an end-to-end procurement solution and acts in our customers' best interests.